Designed for local and international investors.

Buy. Layback. Earn.

Divine Residences gives you the unique opportunity to invest in a serviced apartment concept and profit from best returns in East Africa. No matter if you buy one apartment or multiple, the process remains the same.

Book a unit from the availability list below or get in contact with our Property Investment Advisors, they are happy to assist you step by step.

Experience future living at Divine Residences by CityBlue and live in a community that brings you trendy homes and innovative amenities.









Steps to Purchase a Unit


Book a viewing

The Property Investment Advisors will take you for a private tour on site & explain the investment opportunity step by step.

Choose a unit

There is a variety of luxurious residences you can choose from, amazing view into the green scenery are guaranteed.

Sign Reservation form

The reservation form entails the main points for your property purchase; Unit No, Size, Price & Payment Plan.

Make Down Payment

To complete the reservation of a residence you will be required to make a down payment. The amount is defined in the reservation form.

Sign Sale Agreement

The sale agreement is the final and official document that will be signed by both parties and both lawyers to complete the purchase.

Pay Balance in installments until completion

We offer flexible payment plans with quarterly installments, this allows you to plan your finances according to your personal preferences.

Divine Residence Units

wdt_ID Floor Type Bedroom Area Price Availability Floor plan
1 1 A 2 138.21 28,400,000 Sold Floor plan
2 1 B 2 145.93 30,000,000 Sold Floor plan
3 1 C 1 85.01 18,800,000 Sold Floor plan
4 1 D 1 102.86 20,200,000 Sold Floor plan
5 1 E 1 85.64 18,650,000 Sold Floor plan
6 1 F 1 88.8 18,400,000 Sold Floor plan
7 1 G 1 92.31 19,300,000 Sold Floor plan
8 1 H 1 92.31 22,000,000 Sold Floor plan
9 1 I 1 88.8 18,500,000 Sold Floor plan
10 1 J 1 85.64 18,800,000 Sold Floor plan
Floor Type Bedroom Price Availability